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Vaporizers are very similar to ecigarettes, but are better in just about every way. The battery and eliquid tank in a vaporizer is much larger than an ecigarette, so you can vape for longer, and because they use eliquid rather than a screw in refill, the variety of flavours available for vaporizers is much larger than for ecigarettes.

If you live in Queensland and want to purchase a vaporizer, then the easiest way is to purchase a starter kit from Australia. You'll get everything you need in the one box, and can start vaping as soon as your order arrives at your door.

Vaporizer starter kits BrisbaneNicotine vaporizers

Be sure to add some extra eliquid to your order. This will help you save on postage costs in the long run, and means you won't have to go back to regular smoking when you run out of eliquid.

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