Ecigarettes Brisbane
Ecigarettes and vaporizers and now available for delivery to Brisbane!
Quit smoking tobacco today, and make the switch to ecigarettes - there is no ash, no smoke, and no mess.
Simply select either an ecigarette starter kit or a vaporizer starter kit, and have it all delivered to your door.
Order today and have your vaping gear delivered to you door.
No more ashtrays, smelly clothes, or messy cigarette butts.

Where to buy ecigarettes in Brisbane?

The only way to legally buy ecigarettes in Brisbane is to have them delivered to you from outside Australia. When you place an order, your parcel will be sent from the UK, and will be delivered to Queensland by Australia Post in 6-12 days, or by Express Post in 3-5 days.

What are ecigarettes?

Ecigarettes operate by heating a liquid into a vapour. This vapour contains nicotine, so when you smoke or "vape" an ecigarette, you get a nicotine hit just like with a regular tobacco cigarette - but there is no ash, no smoke, and no smell. More and more people are switching to ecigarettes in Brisbane everyday. Not only is it a cleaner way to "smoke", but it's also less expensive.

What is a PV or Personal Vaporizer?

Vaporizers are very similar to ecigarettes, but have many advantages. Vaporizers have a longer lasting and more powerful battery, and can hold larger volumes of eliquid. The only disadvantage to a vaporizer is the slightly larger size, and the fact that they look a bit "space age" for some people. Many people who switch to ecigarettes eventually graduate to a vaporizer, as it allows them to select from a much wider range of eliquid flavours.

Eliquid flavours available in Brisbane

Eliquid is available in a huge range of flavours. There are over 50 flavours to choose from, all available in different nicotine strengths. Along with the various tobacco flavours available, there are also plenty of sweet and savoury flavours to try. Some of the most popular flavours are Blueberry, Mango, Cappuccino, and even Cheesecake.

Delivery to Brisbane and Queensland

Ecigs, vaporizers, refills and accessories can be delivered anywhere in Brisbane and Queensland via Australia Post or by DHL Express.
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